An IPhone Operating System

The iOS is the operating systems that runs the iPhone ,ipads &iPod touch. The first initial release of IOS was in June 2007 that is OS1.0.Apple Inc provides the updates for IOS where latest release of IOS was 8.3 while beta version 8.4 & 9.0 are in developing. It’s the core software that comes loaded on all devices to allow them to run and support other apps. The iOS is to the iPhone what Windows is to PCs or Mac OS X is to Macs.


iPhone has been market’s first launched app in smart phone due to its singularity and easy-to-use attractive apps. Although Android has captured a huge market using its feature-rich applications, iPhone apps can never be any less popular.

As far as innovations are concerned, our developers know what’s best when it comes to iPhone apps Ease life by hiring us and let your clients adopt our developed apps for you. Our strengths lie in keeping pace with the latest technologies and staying in perfect synchronization with the latest tools and technology, while also anticipating newer trends and lifestyle changes.

Apple Development Expertise

We Have professional app developers hold excellent understanding of the Apple platform and various development components like iPhone SDK, Objective C, Code IDE, Interface Builder, Cocoa Touch, Core Audio, Core Graphics, Weskit Programming, Core Animation, Core Location framework, Accelerometer, GPS and , OpenGL ES, Open AL.

Why Choose Us

iPhone has been the market leader in the smart world. Connexiz, we know what it takes to get there. Our diligence, hard work and knowledge have helped us make a for ourselves in the app world, and we only work harder and with more diligence to increase our knowledge and experience The reason for our success for in iPhone app development is that we are able to understand not only our clients and their needs, but their target audience as well. And this is what app development is all concerned about.

Connexiz iPhone Applications Development Services

  • Games & Fun Apps For IPhone
  • Customs Application For IPhone
  • Widget Development for IPhone
  • News & Feeds Development for IPhone
  • Mobile Based Website For IPhone
  • Social Media & Networking Application for IPhone
  • Hospital & Medical Application Development
  • Sports Based Application for IPhone
  • Business Or Enterprise Apps Development
  • Widget Development
  • Quality Support & Maintenance

Connexiz iPhone developers offers application development in following categories

  • Business, Industries & Office
  • eBook, News Reading, Weather
  • Customized & Location Based
  • E commerce
  • Fun & Utility
  • Entertainment & Music
  • Finance & Share-Stock


Exceed client expectations by going beyond software to provide solutions that transform data into knowledge, enabling them to solve problems and better serve their customers.